Zoom – quick and pain-free

The Zoom tooth whitening technique uses a unique LED technology to activate the Zoom gel applied directly to your teeth. Before starting treatment, we will protect your lips and gums. During each session, the gel is activated three times using the LED light and your mouth is then carefully cleaned out to reveal a new, brighter smile. The Zoom technology offers quick and pain-free tooth whitening. The whitening process itself takes just 45 minutes. Both the LED light and the whitening gel are completely pain free and will not have any long-term adverse effects. Some people find that their teeth can be sensitive and sore after treatment but this usually passes within a couple of days.

Tooth whitening is for healthy mouths

At PlusTerveys, we always carry out a full assessment before embarking on whitening treatment. As part of the assessment, we will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth and a dentist will assess your suitability for whitening. Any inflammation and cavities will need to be treated prior to embarking on tooth whitening. We will also remove any tartar as it can reduce the effectiveness of the whitening treatment.

Zoom whitening at PlusTerveys

The whitening techniques on offer at PlusTerveys will vary between clinics. If you are interested in Zoom tooth whitening, contact your nearest PlusTerveys dental clinic, visit our website or book in for an assessment.

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