Some prices may differ from those stated in this price list. You can contact your nearest PlusTerveys clinic to ask about prices or book an appointment with a dentist, who can estimate your dental treatment needs and the cost of treatment after an examination. The difficulty of the procedure, the duration of the appointment or procedure and the dentist’s clinic costs are taken into consideration in the prices. Our prices may vary also depending on the region or municipality.

The price list states the prices of the most common procedures.

A more detailed cost estimate can only be given based on an examination.

ProcedurePrice, €Price after Kela reimbursement, €
Dental check-up*7963,50
Dental x-ray, Bitewing image from the side27-5424-51
Panoramic x-ray113104
Dental filling, 1 surface8878
Dental filling, 2 surfaces146129
Dental filling, 3 surfaces175156
Crown made of filling agent223200
Opening and expanding root canals of a tooth, tooth with a single root canal125115
Root filling, tooth with a single root canal8374
Local anaesthetic2825
Tooth removalfrom 111from 101
Tartar removal at a dental hygienist’s appointment, 10–45 minutes70-16061-137
Tartar removal at a dentist’s appointment, 10–45 minutes60-22454-201
Service charge dentist’s appointment19,90 
Service charge dental hygienist’s appointment16,50 

* A dentist’s check-up procedure taking 20 minutes or less is reimbursed once every other calendar year or, if based on a health requirement diagnosed by a dentist during a check up, once a calendar year.

If the procedure is provided by a specialised dentist practising their specialty, the price can be increased by 30%. The Kela reimbursement for treatment provided by a specialised dentist practising their specialty is also 30% higher than stated in the price list.

The rates in the price list can be increased by 100% if the treatment is provided on a weekday between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., on a Saturday or the eve of a holiday after 6 p.m., or on a Sunday or other holiday. The Kela reimbursement is also increased by 100% in the event of an exceptional time or date.