All organisations need healthy and motivated staff if they are to prosper. Oral health is a key part of our overall wellbeing. That is why it makes sense for dental care to be offered as part of your occupational health care package. 

Occupational dental care is a tax-free benefit that is highly valued by staff and is a fully deductible expense. In order to make use of the tax incentive, the service must be offered as a so-called basic dental care service (perushammashoito), the costs must be reasonable (i.e. subject to a maximum of EUR 2,000 per person per annum) and all staff must be able to access the same level of service.

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Regular dental care reduces costs

The most common dental problems, cavities and gum disease, are both caused by bacterial infections. If left untreated, they can have serious consequences, including for otherwise healthy young people.

Visiting a dentist regularly pays off as it drives down costs and reduces the amount of time spent at each visit. Following three years of regular dental treatment, your costs and the number of visits will no longer see any real-terms growth. In fact, in our experience, they will be lower than in the year when you first started out.

Each year, the average person spends about one hour a week attending regular dental check-ups and maintenance visits and receiving emergency treatment.

Contract care - Tailored to your needs

All our occupational dental care contracts are tailored to your company’s individual requirements and will cover the range of treatments on offer, where treatment will be offered and any cost ceilings. The agreement can be national, regional or apply to just one PlusTerveys dental clinic. Even if you decide to specify the locations where staff will access treatment, all our specialist dentistry services will remain available to you if you so wish.

A number of options are available for referrals and invoicing, including consolidated invoicing.

Sample occupational dental care arrangements and costs

We can include an annual cost limit in the terms of your agreement, define which treatments are included or opt for both.

Maintenance treatment eur 200 per annum

  • Dental check-up (EUR 50–150 / appointment)
  • X-rays as needed (EUR 20–100 / image)
  • Preventative treatments (scale and polish, fluoride varnish etc.)
  • Initial treatment plan
  • Small fillings (EUR 50–200 / filling)

Basic dental care eur 400 - 1,000 per annum

  • On-site fillings (incl. composite fillings), EUR 50–100 / filling
  • Off-site fillings (incl. ceramics) EUR 200–500 / filling
  • Ceramic crowns EUR 800–1,000
  • Scale & polish EUR 30–250 / treatment
  • Root canal treatment EUR 120–400 / treatment
  • Wisdom tooth extraction EUR 75–500

Extended dental care max eur 2,000 per annum

  • Tooth and connective tissue care and treatment
  • Dental occlusion treatment
  • Dental surgery
  • Dentures (incl. implants), EUR 1,700–2,200 / implant. 

The costs are based on the dental care needs of healthy adults and our current tariff excluding the Kela reimbursement. Prosthetics are not eligible for Kela reimbursement.