Laser whitening at PlusTerveys

Before we can commence any tooth whitening treatment, we must first of all ensure that your teeth and gums are in good health. Any cavities will need to be filled and any inflammation and infections treated before the whitening can take place. We will also remove any tartar and superficial discolouration as these may otherwise lead to results that are less than optimal.

The whitening itself is carried out during the course of a single visit. We will firstly protect your gums and mucous membranes. The procedure will cover as much of your teeth as possible to prevent the effect being localised to your front teeth. This means that the end result is as consistent as it is attractive. The procedure is performed three times to ensure an optimal outcome.

The range of tooth whitening treatments on offer varies between our clinics. If you are interested in laser whitening, contact your nearest PlusTerveys dental clinic or visit our website.

Advice for patients attending teeth whitening

If your teeth are sensitive, we recommend that you use a toothpaste intended for this purpose for a few weeks before the procedure. Avoid acidic drinks, such as wine, fruit juice and mouthwashes in the two days before your appointment.

We recommend that you do not eat anything for two hours after the treatment but it is OK to drink some plain water. It is also advisable to avoid tobacco, including snus, coloured toothpastes and highly pigmented and acidic foods, such as tea, coffee, red wine, sparkling beverages, curries, soy sauce and citrus fruits for 48 hours after the treatment. For seven days after the treatment, please do not use any chemical mouthwashes or similar products that contain colour. For brushing, we recommend a fluoride toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. This will protect your tooth enamel and care for your teeth.

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