Air polishing at PlusTerveys

The treatment takes around 30 minutes and can be completed in just one visit. It uses bicarbonate of soda and a jet of water and air to clean your teeth. The treatment is finished off with a fluoride mouthwash. As it is so gentle, it can be repeated several times a year. If you are considering having your teeth whitened, it may be a good idea to give air polishing a go first. It may just be enough to give you the results you are looking for. If you still decide to go ahead with tooth whitening, we can use the air polishing session to assess whether your teeth are suitable and what options are available to you.

Air polishing after care

For the best results, your air polishing should be followed up with careful after care. The rate at which your teeth will become discoloured again depends entirely on your personal circumstances, including whether you consume food and drink that is likely to cause staining. After your treatment, keep away from highly pigmented food and drink for around three hours. Items to avoid include coffee, tea, sparkling beverages, ketchup, blueberries and liquorice. It is also a good idea to avoid smoking after an air polish.

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