PlusTerveys Symposium on vuosittain järjestettävä kansainvälinen suunterveydenhuollon ammattilaisille suunnattu koulutustilaisuus. Helsingissä järjestettävän symposiumin tarkoituksena on tarjota hammaslääkäreille, sekä PlusTerveysläisille että muille, mahdollisuus kuulla eri alojen asiantuntijoita ja taitavia kliinikoita, joihin emme törmää muussa kotimaisessa kurssitarjonnassa.


Tiedossa on kahden päivän paketti huipputason luentoja sekä verkostoitumista illallisen merkeissä. Mukaan voit ilmoittautua koko tapahtumaan tai vain valitsemallesi päivälle. Vuoden 2019 Symposiumissa puhujina ovat Dr. Jason Smithson ja Dr. Tif Qureshi.

PlusTerveys Symposium järjestetään 25.-26.10.2019 Helsingissä Hotel Kämpissä. Ilmoittaudu tapahtumaan tästä.

PlusTerveys Symposium Kaj Karlsson










Kaj Karlsson
lääketieteellinen johtaja, PlusTerveys


AIKA: perjantai 25.10. - lauantai 26.10.2019


Luennot: Hotel Kämp, Pohjoisesplanadi 29, Helsinki

Iltajuhla perjantaina: Hotel Kämp, Peilisali, Pohjoisesplanadi 29, Helsinki. Pukeutumiskoodi: tumma puku

ILMOITTAUTUMINEN: Ilmoittautuminen on auki 16.10.2019 saakka. Ilmoittaudu tapahtumaan tästä.



PERJANTAI 25.10.2019

8.00 - 9.00  Ilmoittautuminen ja aamiainen, näyttelyyn tutustuminen

9.00-9.05   Tilaisuuden avaus, Lääketieteellinen johtaja, HLL Kaj Karlsson

9.05-17.00  Direct resin restorations in the anterior and posterior dentition – Novel strategies for the new millenium and exceptional day- to -day resin artistry, Dr. Jason Smithson

17.00-18.00  Verkostoitumista ja cocktailit

19.00 Illallinen, Hotel Kämp

LAUANTAI 26.10.2019

8.30-9.00  Aamukahvit näyttelyalueella

9.00-17.00   The Lifetime patient - avoiding the full mouth restorations using a simpler approach to interceptive dentistry, Dr. Tif Qureshi

PlusTerveys Symposium ilmoittaudu






Jason Smithson PlusTerveys Symposium







Direct resin restorations in the anterior and posterior dentition – Novel strategies for the new millenium and exceptional day- to -day resin artistry


Direct composite resin restorations in the posterior dentition have become a common day-to-day treatment modality for the majority of dental practitioners in the 21st Century. However, many retrospective studies show that the majority of composite resins placed in a General Practice setting perform poorly in comparison with silver amalgam: sensitivity, marginal staining and secondary caries are common and recurrent problems. The vast majority of these failures are a result of simple operator errors, which occur at the time of placement of the restoration: in essence, many restorations have failed before the patient even gets up from the chair.
Jason’s program offers a simple, easy and predictable strategy to allow the busy dental practitioner to place beautiful, aesthetic lifelike class 1 and 2 direct composite restorations using only minimal shades of composite resin and instrumentation which is common to all dental offices. All of this within a realistic timeframe with technically uncomplicated protocols.
A popular, best selling course which is practical and intuitive with good literature support.  

What You Will Learn:
•    When direct posterior composite resins are predictable and when they are not
•    Preparation design and a protocol to reduce the risk of voids, bond failure and sensitivity.
•    How to implement modern high tech instrumentation such as particle abrasion and sonic activated preparation tips.
•    Flowable composite as a liner: when, where and how? With supporting research. 
•    Photo-thermal polymerization: heating composite resin, the pros and cons.
•    “C-Factor”: horizontal, vertical and oblique build-ups. Pulse activation protocols.
•    How to assess the occlusal scheme preoperatively and accurately build up your restoration so that little if any occlusal adjustment is necessary. 
•    An overview of matrix systems: choosing the best for each situation.
•    Discussion of a stratification technique using simplified instrumentation to achieve lifelike resin restorations, which require minimal finishing.
•    Mono-, bi and polychromatic layering techniques. How to use tints to mimic nature and seamlessly blend the restoration with the surrounding tooth structure.
And much, much more.


Direct resins in the anterior dentition can produce functional, highly aesthetic long lasting restorations, which are conservative of tooth structure.
However, with the rise of aesthetic dentistry in the media, the public as consumers are becoming increasingly discerning: they expect and demand the best.
Dr Smithson aims to unravel and demystify concepts such as shade selection and micro and macro-anatomy and pull them together into a simple step-by-step protocol which includes treatment planning, fee setting, diagnostics, preparation, composite placement and finishing, allowing the average practitioner to achieve outstanding results on a consistent basis.  

What You Will Learn:
•    Shade selection: demystify the science and use it as a practical everyday tool.
•    Translucency, opacity and opalescence: why all composite resin is not created equal.
•    A simple, rapid, yet novel concept to make incisal edge shade and effects obvious and effortless.
•    How to quickly and inexpensively fabricate diagnostic mock-ups and palatal silicone indices to achieve precise incisal edge position.
•    Preparation design and instrumentation to realize durable resin restorations, which have margins invisible to the human eye.
•    Opaque dentin shades: when and where to use them…and why.
•    Simple, intuitive finishing protocols, which allow the operator to produce highly, polished restorations, which mimic natural enamel.
•    How to layer resin to create lifelike incisal halos and effects such as crack lines and opacities.
And much, much more.

Tif Qureshi PlusTerveys Symposium







The Lifetime patient-  avoiding the full mouth using a simpler approach to  interceptive dentistry.

So much dentistry is carried out way too late- by this time,  too much damage is done for many patients to be able to afford the optimal solutions. 
Arguably no patient should ever need a full mouth rehabilitations, if enough dentists had the confidence to treat patients sooner.
Tif will cover some of the diagnostic processes you can use to identify the collapse of the dentition, how to communicate these with your patients and how to treat these at an early stage simply, affordably and non invasively using methods such as the Dahl principle. The lecture will cover when, when not and how to use it for predictable non invasive results.
This lecture will also look at how we can use digital technology to start to monitor, communicate and intercept dental problems that may appear through life.
This is also connected to tooth position and he will show how a good orthodontic and occlusal scheme go hand in hand- so correctly planned orthodontic set ups are essential for functional success.
He will look at cases treated over 25 years and the approach he has taken that can be applied to any practice which focuses on prevention of wear and maintenance of function and aesthetics.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

Appreciate the importance of treating patients over their lifetime- have an understanding of the Dahl Principle
Identify toothwear and functional changes due to tooth movement and employ digital analysis in treatment planning and case acceptance 
Describe tooth alignment, and bonding as a comprehensive approach to offering patients improved aesthetic and functional outcomes.



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Iltajuhla 120 €*

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 Ilmoittaudu tapahtumaan tästä.

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